Curling wands VS curling irons VS curling brushes - which one to choose?

With so many styling tools available, it’s no wonder people get confused. Curling wand, curling iron, curling brush -- are they even the same? In this article, we’re giving you the ultimate answer.

What is the difference between a curling iron and a curling wand?

It’s very simple to distinguish between the two: a curling iron has a clamp to hold your locks whereas a curling wand doesn’t. 

A curling iron is an ideal tool to make pageant-perfect, retro-inspired tight curls that last for hours. 

A curling wand is an ideal solution if you want to create casual, relaxed beachy waves. 

Which is better: curling iron or curling wand?

It depends on what your goal is. 

For tighter, more defined curls, use a curling iron. As any other tool it has its cons. For example, your hair is exposed to heat much more closely and much longer which can cause serious damage. 

For more relaxed waves, use a curling wand. They will be more gentle on your hair as well. However, curling wands are generally harder to master compared to curling irons and have higher burn risks.

Can you use a curling iron as a curling wand?

Absolutely! A curling iron is versatile and can be used as a curling wand or even as a hair straightener. It’ll certainly require a little practice before you can turn a curling iron into a multitool device, though. 

What is the difference between a curling iron and a curling brush?

Curling brush is more like a blow dryer and a brush combined. By utilizing the power of hot air, this tool dries and simultaneously curls your hair. It’s recommended that you use it when your hair is still damp whereas a curling iron or wand can only be used on dry hair to prevent damage.

Curling brushes, much like irons and wands, come in a wide range of sizes and temperature settings. They 

What is the best tool for curling hair?

  • If you want to style and dry your hair quickly, choose a curling brush.
  • If you’re new in the world of making curls, choose a curling iron.
  • If you have some experience with creating curls, opt for a curling wand.

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