Thinking Cap - Shower Cap

Thinking Cap - Shower Cap


Put your thinking cap on! Shower time means it’s your prime time for creative thoughts and what better way than to have a cap to fit the moment if you know what we mean. Sleek’e Thinking (Shower) Cap is perfectly designed for comfortable wear, 100% waterproof and protects against humidity and water. It features a concealed leak-proof EVA lining that secures your hair and helps to preserve blowouts, curls and hair treatments.  Leave the hair care to us while we leave the creative thinking to you! 

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Comfort Fit

high-quality elastic band with strong elasticity makes sure hair stays dry, without feeling too tight.

Frizz Control

Protects against static, frizz, and breakage

Hair Type

For all hair types: carefully sized to suit all hairstyles


Made from a polyester outer layer and an EVA inner layer, which effectively keeps your hair dry when you shower 

Why Sleek'e Thinking Cap?

Made to last

Our reusable shower caps are made from an innovative premium performance material which is thin, soft, silky, breathable, durable and made to last.

Waterproof and quick drying

Our water-resistant fabric makes sure no water gets in, so hair stays dry.

Comfortable to wear

Roomy design for even the thickest of hair. Created with high-quality elastic band with strong elasticity makes sure hair stays dry, without feeling too tight.

Multi-use for hair conditioning treatments

A perfect addition to your haircare routine. 

Reusable travel pouch included

Multi-purpose Sleek'e bag featuring a transparent body. It is perfect to store your shower cap and take it with you wherever you go! 

a Closer Look

Our Thinking Cap is made to protect hair while helping reduce hair breakage, frizz, and static.

Made of 100% Eco Friendly Polyester Material that is durable enough and leak proof. It is designed for comfortable wear and protect against humidity and water. 

  • All hair types & textures
Shower Cap Care: 
After each shower hang up to dry.
For deep clean: Turn shower cap inside out and machine wash on gentle cycle. Do not place in the dryer. Hang dry only.


How do I clean my Sleek'e Shower Cap? 

Hand wash with mild soap and lukewarm water, then air dry. Avoid using harsh chemicals or machine washing to preserve its quality.

Is the Sleek'e Shower Cap waterproof?

Yes, our Shower Cap is designed to repel water and protect your hair while showering or bathing. 

What sizes are available for Sleek'e Shower Cap?

Our Shower Cap is designed to fit most head sizes comfortably. It's elasticized to accommodate various hair types and lengths.

Can I use the Sleek'e Shower Cap for deep conditioning treatments?

Absolutely! Our Shower Cap is suitable for various hair treatments, including deep conditioning, allowing you to lock in moisture and enhance treatment effectiveness.

Is the Sleek'e Shower Cap suitable for long hair?

Yes, our Shower Cap is designed to comfortably cover various hair lengths, including long hair, ensuring all your locks are protected.

Can I travel with the Sleek'e Shower Cap?

Definitely! Our Shower Cap is compact and easily portable, making it ideal for travel or gym use.

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