The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Your Hair from Sun Damage this Summer

Sunscreen is the most-mentioned product to avoid any skin sunburn. Our primary focus during summer is protecting our skin from UV rays, but we don’t take the same precautions when protecting our hair. We won’t deny that there is no better feeling than spending all summer outdoors but undergoing prolonged exposure to the sun can damage our hair shaft leading to discoloration, early greying, dry, and brittle strands, broken or split ends, thinning, and frizziness. 

Here we will be guiding you to protect your hair and scalp while repairing and avoiding any damage. 


Let’s start with what goes behind our shower curtains. Our scalp is our main focus of hair growth and hair health it is best recommended to stick to a gentle shampoo that will clean your scalp but won’t over-dry it causing irritation. This will make your scalp more sensitive to sun exposure. 

If you plan to spend all summer swimming, make sure to wash your hair after every swim. 

Condition is your best friend this season. Just as we focus on keeping a hydrated skin during summer it is important to keep our hair hydrated as well. There are three types of conditioners that you can add to your hair routine this summer. 

  • Rinse-out Conditioner - Focus on a protein and nutrient-rich, conditioner that will nourish your hair while repairing any damage caused to the strands. 
  • Deep Conditioning Mask - To reverse and prevent sun damage, one of your best bets will be a protein-rich hair mask.
  • Leave-in Conditioner - For all the summer swimmers out there, a leave-in conditioner will be your new BFF! As it creates a barrier that won’t allow chlorine or salt water to affect your hair. 


Dad hats are always a trend during summer; if you haven’t yet hopped on that trend train, we recommend doing it this summer! Wearing hats this summer can be invaluable for defending against sun-damaged hair and is also one of the best ways to defend your scalp.

Let’s put the heat to rest and join the heatless hair this summer. From braids to low ponytails to our natural hair texture. Try avoiding tight topknots, which put pressure on the hairline. To get frizz-free hair and define your hair texture try using a hair serum that will not only control frizz but will also protect your hair from UV rays. 

If a styling tool must be used, make sure to set it to a low temperature, and don’t forget to use a heat protectant


Protecting your hair this summer shouldn’t be complicated. The key to healthy hair is keeping it hydrated. Swimming and tanning will be one of our main activities this season, just make sure to cover your hair and restore its moisture with the right conditioners or hair treatments. If you’re against wearing hats, use products meant to block SUV rays from reaching your strands or scalp. Now you’re ready to enjoy these sunny days! 

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