Why Tourmaline Infused Straighteners Are Better Than 100% Titanium

Often, it’s confusing when having to choose the right hair straightening iron because there are so many different types and materials available on the market. For instance, what is tourmaline and what does it do? Read on to find out what tourmaline infused titanium can do and why they’re the perfect choice for your hair.

The good thing about tourmaline is that it emits negative ions when it is heated up. The primary reason many people struggle with frizzy and static hair is due to positive ions in the atmosphere. These come from chemicals, electricity and even heat. With tourmaline infused titanium, the material we use in our most-loved styling tools, the heat emitted from the tool is distributed evenly, and the surface is smooth just like glass. With this, you get controlled the application of the heat and can use only as much heat as you need to smooth and straighten the hair. Tourmaline can convert these positive ions into negative ions which results in smooth, shiny and soft hair.

You won’t find straighteners completely made out of tourmaline either, it is often infused with another material such as titanium, and this is what encourages the negative ion technology. Tourmaline infused titanium is a great combination and gives a superb straight and healthy looking finish.

The Benefit of Tourmaline infused Titanium:

  • Ionic technology for smooth and shiny hair
  • Ideal for regular use
  • Good for all hair types even damaged
  • Great frizz control

Finally, the best benefit of tourmaline is that it can prevent unnecessary flat iron hair damage because it can straighten at much lower temperatures than ceramic alone. With tourmaline infused titanium, you can straighten and style your hair more than you normally would since this gentle heating appliance won’t burn or dry out your hair after long-term use. Furthermore, you’ll be thrilled with silky smooth, head-turning hair that looks lustrous with an unbeatable sheen, courtesy of tourmaline infused titanium. That’s why most hairdressers use it. They’re simply the best! Invest in tourmaline-infused titanium, they’re far better for you, and you won’t be concern about the breaking or further splitting of your hair.