CLIP + GO Remy Hair Extensions — 18

Clip Remy Hair Extensions — 18"


The extensions that will keep everyone guessing. After working carefully on perfecting Sleek'e extensions, we have accomplished to bring you 100% Remy Hair that blend naturally to your hair color. Our 8pc clip collection allows you to easy apply while giving you a seamlessly look. No one will ever guess they are extensions! Your secret is save with us, now go and flaunt your gorgeous long locks. 

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1 Jet Black1B Natural Black2 Regular Brown2B Natural Dark Brown3 Brown4 Medium Brown5 Ash Brown6 Light Brown8 Brownish24 Golden Blonde27 Medium Honey30 Honey Brown33 Chestnut Brown70 Platinum Blonde99 Mahogony613 Light BlondeT1B Ombre Silver/Natural BlackT3/18 Ombre Brown/Ash BlondeT4/27 Ombre Medium Brown/Medium HoneyT5/24 Ombre Ash Brown/Golden BlondeT5/60 Ombre Ash Brown/Gray BlondeT8/613 Ombre Brownish/Light BlondeP2/350 Balayage Dark Brown/Brown RedP2/613 Balayage Dark Brown/Light BlondeP4/27 Balayage Medium Brown/Medium HoneyP4/613 Balayage Medium Brown/Light BlondeP6/24 Balayage Light Brown/Golden BlondeP6/27 Balayage Light Brown/Medium HoneyP8/24 Balayage Brownish/Golden BlondeP18/24 Balayage Ash Blonde/Golden BlondeP16/613 Balayage Ash Blonde/Light BlondeP27/613 Balayage Medium Honey/Light Blonde

Installation Time

5 - 10 minutes to apply


Safe to wear daily and styled with heat styling tools

Ideal For

Ideal to style, dye or color


With proper care the Remy Hair Extensions last up to 6-9 months.

Why choose Sleek'e Hair Extensions

Seamless Wear

Our goal is to allow you to wear the extensions seamlessly by creating ultra thin clips that blend into your hair. The clips are designed to blend seamlessly while having a stronghold that will allow for the extensions to stay comfortably in place.

All day comfort

Gives you the all day comfort, you will even forget you're wearing extensions!

High Quality

Sleek'e extensions are created of 100% Premium Remy Human Hair which are naturally soft and smooth at touch.

Blends at it's best!

Unlike synthetic shades, the Remy Hair Sleek'e extensions come in unique shades that mimic your natural hair giving you that secrecy you want when it comes to wearing extensions. No one will ever know your secret but us!

No Tools or Salon Visits Needed

Sleek'e Clip In extensions have been designed to be user friendly allowing you to install them anytime time you want to add length & volume to your hairstyles.

8 Pieces is all you need

The eight-piece set creates a clip-in cascade of layered hair giving you the length and volume you desire.


Hair Transformation

Our Sleek'e Hair Extensions are created to give you movement, dimension, and depth.


What are these extensions made of?

Sleek'e Hair extensions are made of 100% premium Remy human hair. They're incredibly soft and shiny. These are straight hair, professionally dyed to match your natural hair color.

How do I choose the right color?

If you're not sure about the color, you can order our Color Wheel. You will receive swatches of all of the colors we currently offer. If you decide to purchase the extensions, the $15 from this purchase will be credit towards that purchase.

Can I blow dry, straighten, or curl these extensions?

Yes! We recommend using low-heat settings to avoid damaging and drying our your extensions. Additionally, we recommend using a heat protectant when you style these extensions.

Can I use styling products on these extensions?

Absolutely! Use any styling product you would normally use on your natural hair. Keep in mind that the less product you use, the less often you will need to wash your extensions. Washing them too often may reduce their lifetime or cause a loss of shape or color.

Can I cut or dye these extensions?

If your extensions don't match your haircut, you can cut them. We recommend going to a professional for a trim while wearing the extensions.

You can color your extensions. However, we don't recommend bleaching them. Please note that we're not responsible for the result of any dyeing or bleaching.

How long do these extensions last?

Our extensions should last at least 6-9 months with proper care. Less frequent washing and styling will prolong their lifetime. 

Do I need to wash these extensions before wearing them?

No. Our extensions are ready to be worn straight from the box.

Will wearing extensions damage my natural hair?

No. Clip-in extensions are super gentle on natural hair and are not meant to be worn for a long time. Don't sleep in them and don't wear them for too long, and your natural hair will stay safe and beautiful. 

I have thin hair. Can I still wear these extensions?

For thin hair, we recommend getting our halo extensions. They can add fullness and length to your natural hair. 

I have short hair. Can I still wear these extensions?

Yes! This set includes 7 separate wefts you can mix and match to blend them naturally with your hair. However, if your hairstyle is too short, our extensions might not blend in well.

Can I sleep in these extensions?

We don't recommend sleeping in your extensions. This can lead to the loss of shape and damage of the extensions.

Can I swim in these extensions?

It's better to take your extensions off before you swim. If you absolutely have to swim in them, we recommend covering them in a good conditioner or olive oil first. This will prevent the extensions from drying out.

How do I store my extensions?

You can store these extensions in the box they came in or in any other protective box. Brush your extensions before putting them in a box and roll them into a ponytail. Then twist them to create a donut-like shape and put them in a box. Store in a dark place. Exposure to light can make the color fade quickly.

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