4 Spring Hair Trends Here To Stay 'Til Summer

April is over, which means Summer is right around the corner! Many women dread the change between the two seasons because it means two things: humidity and heat. While a lot of us love to bask in the sun, our spring styles might not transition well when the temperatures start to rise. Luckily, there are tons of hairstyles that transition well from Spring to Summer so that you stay cool, cute, and collected.

1. From Bob to Lob
Bobs – a hairstyle that is timeless and modern depending on who you ask! This spring saw the return of the bob, with many women opting to cut their hair to sport this classic. One downside? If your hair grows like weed, you end up in the chair more often than most women. A big appeal to this style is the length itself, keeping your hair light and off of your neck. So do you keep your bob short or do you opt in for the longer alternative? While it’s tempting to get your bob trimmed this summer, let your hair grow over the summer to get an adorable long bob. Less maintenance for you, and you still keep your head light with a short style. Both styles will look great as we move into Summer, but it’s time to change it up!

2. Love them or Hate them, Bangs are IN!
As cute as bangs can be, everyone seems to have a love-hate relationship with them. At their best bangs are an adorable spring time look that goes well casual or formal. In the summer time though… you’ve got a sweaty forehead mess. Depending on where you live and how you personally like to deal with your bangs, they’re one of those styles that if dealt with right – look good any time of the year. To help keep a cool head, keep your bangs trimmed or pinned back to keep your cool, or if you would rather accessorize opt in for an adorable headband. If you’ve never tried bangs before, now is the time to do it while it’s still a little cooler! If you end up not being a fan, let your bangs grow and clean them up with a face frame.

3. The Seasonal Debate: Curly vs. Straight
Every year it feels like straight hair is out and bouncy waves and curls are in for the Summer. However, notable celebrities like Kim Kardashian have been sporting the sleek and straight look even as it starts to heat up. This year its time to trade in your beach waves for a clean and polished straight-haired look. While the thought of a straightener might send you running, our 1 inch straightener is bound to change your mind.

4. When in Doubt, Bun it out!
Believe it or not, buns of all kinds have been very popular this year. It's no secret why since more often then not it’s one of the easiest looks in the book. There are lots of ways to go about dressing up your bun, and you can do it with almost every hair texture and any length long enough to pull back. Some looks that were popular this Spring include buns with twisted top knots, and messy loop buns for straight hair textures. For the summer, it's better to go for something that can get a little messy without falling apart, so we’re a fan of the twisted top knot if you plan on putting your hair up before you hit the beach.

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