Less Tangle - Paddle Brush

Less Tangle - Paddle Brush


Pulling or breaking your hair is a thing of the past. Our Less Tangle Paddle Brush glides through your hair with love while gently detangling your hair without creating static or frizz. Detangle away all stubborn knots while getting a sleek’e finish. Made from heat resistant materials, you can use while styling, for hair that looks frizz-free and fabulous. It works well on wet or dry hair of any type or length. 

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Improves Circulation

Flexible ball-tipped bristles gently massage your scalp which helps improve circulation. This maintains the shine in your hair and gives it a sleek finish.

Frizz Control

The flat shape of the brush helps tame frizz, detangling and smoothing your hair while spreading natural oils from the scalp to the tip for optimum shine.

Hair Type

For all hair types: straight, wavy, curly, and coily

Best for Blow Drying

Created with Heat-Resistant Bristles to allow you detangle and gently smooth hair while creating your desired blow out.

Why Less Tangle Paddle Brush?

Tame the frizz

The ball-tipped bristles help to prevent static and frizz.

Takes you to your desired length

Stimulates scalp for hair growth

Loves all hair types & textures

Great for all hair types and lengths, including extensions

Because you deserve to shine

Cushioned body allows for gentle styling with sleek, shiny results 

Makes it easy to detangle

Broad, flat base covers a wider surface area of hair.

Gentle enough it detangles with love

Effortlessly detangles even the most stubborn knots pain free.

Caring for the little ones

Great for children / Makes brushing children’s hair pain free and easy.


a Closer Look

Our Less Tangle Paddle Brush is made to detangle all kinds of hair helping reduce hair breakage and static.

Made of 100% Eco Friendly Material that is durable enough to help leave your tangled days behind. It is designed to detangle with ease for less breakage on wet or dry hair. Giving you the maximum control to style your hair whether is simply brushing or blow drying. 

  • All hair types & textures
How To Use: 
1. Before washing hair brush thorough to loosens buildup from your scalp, for the perfect clean post shampoo.
2. Use the brush in the morning to detangle, in the afternoon to refresh, and before bed to evenly distribute natural oils and wake up with softer, shinier hair. 
3. To detangle brush hair vertically
4. To smooth hair brush horizontally


Can I use the Sleek'e Paddle Brush on wet hair?

Yes, the Sleek'e Paddle Brush is suitable for use on wet hair. It works efficiently to detangle and smoothen damp hair without causing breakage.

Does the paddle brush work for all hair types?

The brush is designed to cater to various hair types, including straight, wavy, curly, and coily hair. Its versatility makes it suitable for different textures and lengths.

How should I clean the Sleek'e Paddle Brush?

To maintain hygiene, we recommend cleaning the brush regularly. Remove hair strands from the bristles using a comb and wash the brush with mild shampoo and warm water. Ensure it's completely dry before the next use.

Can the paddle brush be used for scalp massage?

While it's primarily designed for detangling and styling, the rounded tips of the bristles provide a gentle massaging effect that can stimulate the scalp and promote blood circulation.

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