5 Time-Tested Ways to Curl Your Hair

Everyone loves curly hair particularly since it gives you that full effect of volume. You can never go wrong with curls; they add body, texture, and a touch of exoticness. The sweetest part is, you only need one tool to achieve a multitude of looks. Let’s go over five great styles and see what Sleek’e’s curling wand is capable of!

Classic curl remains one of the favorite curls. This is as a result of its simplicity. To get this right, first, you need to wrap your hair in a flat position around the curling barrel. Ensure there is no space between the hairs around the barrel. Don’t forget; this should look like a ribbon. Your hair should be curled 10 and 15 seconds interval to make it set. Then release the curl in your palm and allow it sit for a few seconds. As you can see, a very classic curl is produced.

The beginning of this pattern is similar to the classic curl. Take a piece of your hair and wrap the tip, but away from the barrel and hold it for a few seconds. As you repeat this step, some section of your hair should be curled towards and away from your face. This will make the curl create a natural look, which is multi-directional. Loosen the curl and allow it to set for a few seconds before you entirely free it.

Are you wondering if you can use a 25mm curling wand for tight curls? Well, it very possible by working with a small piece of your hair. To start, take a small section of hair and place it on your sleek curling wand. Ensure you maintain a space between the wraps to differentiate it from classic curls. For those with long hair, you’ll need to focus on the top section of your hair first before the bottom part. Furthermore, this will take a longer time, but the result will be cute tight curls.

To achieve an optimum result, take a small piece of your hair and remove it from your face. Ensure your hold it firmly and tight as you curl it. Free it into your palm and let it cool and set. The result will be an exciting curl that resembles unique blue waves.

This last option is preferable especially when you’re in a rush since you’ll be working with bigger sections of hair. Loose curls can easily be produced on your hair with a 25 or 32mm curling wand. Loose, wavy curls give a carefree and naughty appeal to the one with style. To achieve this, take a thick section of your hair and put it around your sleek curler. You can either create messy waves by curling the hair in different directions or perfect bouncy curls with U-shape motions on the direction you desire.