7 Amazing Ways to Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage [Updated June 2021]

We all know that sunscreen is important, but did anyone ever tell you that your hair can also take in some major sun damage? Here are some simple ways to beat the heat.

Wear A Hat 

So simple that it sounds too good to be true, right? Wearing a hat already protects your hair from SO much just by shielding it away from the sun.

Don't Wash Your Hair Every Day 

Washing too often will strip your hair of moisture, and we don't want that. Invest in a good moisture-locking shampoo and wash your hair every 2-3 days.
Some of you may also naturally produce a lot of oils where you feel the need to wash it everyday. If this is you, try incorporating dry shampoo into your routine instead.

Use Hair Masks 

There certainly is a wide variety of different hair masks but the key here is to focus on the masks that assist with moisturizing hair

Avoid Hot Hair Tools 

At least for the summer! Less heat = less damage. If you absolutely need it for your GNO (girls night out), don't forget to apply a heat protective serum before. 

Trim Those Ends 

The heat can really strain out our ends! Every time you get a hair cut, you get rid of those dead/split ends giving your hair a chance to recover and grow.  

Care for Color Treated Hair 

The more chemicals you add, the weaker your hair becomes. Start to prioritize products meant specifically for color treated hair. This is very important! If you are not doing this already, please start!

Invest In a Good UV Protectant Product

UV protectant product is like an SPF for your hair. It'll stop sunlight from drying out your hair, damaging your hair color, and will decrease your chances of getting a skin cancer. 

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