A Complete Guide To Create A Hair Care Routine Based on Your Hair Type

Just as much time you put into your skin care routine, we believe that your hair deserves the same amount of attention. It has come to the point were we see flawless hair on social media such as TikTok and wonder how we can reach those hair goals. Well guess what? It all starts with the way you care for your hair and we are here to help you achieve the right hair care for your hair type. 

The Routine For Damaged Dry Hair:

If your hair feels dry to touch, looks straw like at the ends or you have lots of splits ends, you want to use products that offer protection and hydration. Focus on gently cleansing and moisturizing your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that contain vitamin E and jojoba oil to deliver intense moisture. 

The key point to damaged hair is a strengthening hair system for an ultimate repair. This will prevent further hair breakage and will seal in nourishment. This system will reinforce against colouring, styling and heat exposure. 

The Routine For Frizzy Hair:

If your hair gets big on warm days, it’s prone to static or your hairstyles have no survival chance during rainy days, you're more likely to have frizzy hair. Control frizz by using a shampoo and conditioner containing vitamin A and sunflower seed oil that will unruly tame your hair as you wash. For best results opt for a leave-in conditioner or hair mask once a week to retain smoothness.

Pro tip: the more textured your hair is, the less you need to wash it. For curly hair, your wash days should be every three days and for coily hair once a week should be enough.

The Routine For Oily Hair:

Does your hair feel oily to touch one day after shampoo, looks flat two days after wash day or looks shiny near the roots? You may feel that a daily wash is necessary but using the right shampoo can help with the constant grease, boost the flatness that is often a result of oily roots, and will deep cleanse without drying it out (which can actually cause more oil production).

Look for products with volumizing properties, which will help lift your hair and keep it from coming into contact with your oily roots. To help further reduce buildup, we suggest implementing a scalp scrub or exfoliant into your haircare routine once or twice a week.

Pro tip: Go Easy on the Dry Shampoo. Too much dry shampoo results in unwanted product buildup, as with any product that sits on your hair. This can dehydrate your scalp, causing it to produce even more oil.

The Routine For Thin or Fine Hair:

The struggle with thin or fine hair is having no volume and your hair generally looks flat. When it comes to fine hair, strands are typically smaller and less porous than those with thicker hair. This causes the hair to get greasy fast creating build up making more noticeable oily roots.

Wash days for thin hair need to be more regularly. Use a lightweight shampoo and conditioner with coconut oil to provide lift and add volume.

Pro tip: Split ends and breakage tend to be more noticeable on those with fine hair, which is why it is recommended getting a trim every 6-8 weeks. Fine hair tends to be weaker and can’t take as much abuse as medium/coarse hair can.

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