How To Treat Your Damaged Hair After Dying It? Here’s How To Bring It Back To Life

With the constant urge of changing hair colors and trying new looks, we need to find ways to make sure our hair does not become too fragile after assaulting it with so many chemicals. From box dye, to bleaching our hair can only take so much. In order to with stand all this process we need to make sure to nourish it and give it the proper care it needs. Follow these simple steps to avoid dry, dull and damaged hair. 

Throw away the box dye and go with a Pro:  

Although your hair dye skills may be close to expert mode, there is so much damage a hairstylist can prevent that a box dye can’t. Whether you are planning to go from a really dark to a very light shade or just adding a couple highlights, a hairstylist can put together the right formula that best fits your hair type while keeping most of it intact. No matter what hair color you want it’s always better to leave it to a professional. 

Don’t skip wash day and do it the right way:  

It’s an obvious that washing your hair can mess with your hair color and definitely it’s something you try to avoid. But your hair needs an extra boost after being exposed to harsh chemicals. You need to make sure you wash your hair with products that will provide moisture as well as add strength back to your hair.  

For example, the Silk’e Repair Therapy Shampoo formula helps repair damage cause by sun, bleach, dye or brushing.  


And you can combine it with the Silk’e Repair Therapy Conditioner and Deep Conditioning Mask. With a couple of uses your hair will start to look silky and healthy as well as have more movement. Best of all these products are Sulfate & Paraben Free! 

Avoid the heat and wrap it: 

We all know how vulnerable our hair is when it’s wet and the least we want to do is expose it to more damage by blow drying it. Instead, you want to wrap it and let it dry on its own. Using a microfiber hair wrap will not only minimize frizz, breakage, and split ends but it will also drastically reduce drying time.  

Start brushing safely: 

Every time you brush your hair, you need to brush it from the bottom and work your way up to clear through snags safely. When detangling your hair you want to make sure you use a brush that has flexible bristles and yield to any tension. 

Add a bit of shine: 

After every hair wash or before you style your hair make sure to apply a hair oil to nourish it and protect it. Our personal favorite is the Silk’e Repair Therapy Hair Serum, it protects your hair from environmental and heat damage and doesn’t make your hair feel greasy! It actually makes it look and feel healthy. Another oil that we recommend is Coconut Oil, it will give your hair an extra shine while repairing it as well.  

Now it’s your turn to give these simple tips a try. Remember simplicity can just be enough for a healthy hair. It’s all about the right products and the right hair care.  

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