New Year's Resolutions For Your Hair

New Year Resolutions - For Your Hair


Try dry shampoo   

Dry shampoo will do wonders for your hair if you aren't already using it! It helps maintain your scalp's oil production. Less shampoo = healthier hair. Try washing your hair every two days. The longer, the better!


Plan and schedule your trims! Shoot for every 8-12 weeks.

Once hair is damaged, the only way to revive it is by cutting it. Trims are completely necessary if you want your hair to grow! 


Say, “Bye Bye” to box dye
Box dye is definitely easier, convenient
and cheap BUT the long term damage is NOT worth it. 



Take vitamins for your hair and stay consistent.
Hair vitamins take at least 3 months for
a difference to be noticeable to stay strong!


 Air dry your hair.
More air drying = less heat damage.


Start using conditioning/hydrating hair masks
Your hair CAN get dehydrated!
Make sure you hydrate those gorgeous locks.




Take on a new style 
Time to live a little...
Start the year with the look you've been
wanting but have been hesitant to move forward with.



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