Reach Your Hair Goals with These Hair Care Tips for 2022

2022 has finally arrived and we all know what that means, it’s time to leave all the bad days behind in 2021 including our bad hair days. As we all know 2021 wasn’t a good year even for our hair and that is why a part of our resolutions is to accomplish the hair goals, we see on TikTok and Instagram. If your goals are to repair your hair from all the heat damage and toxic chemical uses then keep on reading because Sleek’e has you covered!  


Haircare Tips to Follow: 

Stick With the Same Brand Shampoo and Conditioner Sulfate and Paraben Free: It may seem like a good idea to mix and match thinking that picking a shampoo from one brand and a conditioner from another different brand can give you the best benefits that they each offer but it can actually give from little to no benefit. Products that are part of a hair-care system are formulated to be used together for best results. Also, every brand creates different formulas that can contain harmful chemicals, so imagine how many chemicals your scalp and hair can be absorbing. Make sure to look for clean brands that are sulfate and paraben-free but also contain clean ingredients that benefit your hair type.  

Hair Wrap Instead of Blow Dry: Whether you style your hair daily or not, the best choice is to give your hair a rest and wrap it in a microfiber hair wrap. It could cut your hair drying time in half and reduce frizz. The microfiber towel is made with super absorbent fibers that sop up excess water without roughing up your strands, so you get drier, smoother hair fast. 

Steaming Hot Showers Sound Nice but are They Good for Your Hair: As good as it sounds and relaxing a hot shower can be it is doing no good to your hair. Hot water can strip all the natural moisture from your hair and make it dry. Choose lukewarm showers to avoid a flaky scalp and if possible, pour some room-temperature water as a last rinse.

Make Hydration a Top Priority for Your Hair: Make it a healthy habit to deep condition every week. This will give extra hydration to your hair especially if you take very hot showers. If your hair feels dry and dead or you use bleach or box dye often, then you definitely don’t want to skip this step. So, pick up your favorite deep conditioner mask to show some love to your hair! 

Water is Key: Drinking enough water helps energize and support hair growth. If one of your hair goals is for longer hair then drink up! It also helps prevent split ends and a brittle hair texture, as well as fosters a healthier scalp meaning you’ll have fewer chances of developing problems like dryness, itchiness, or dandruff. Just as water hydrates and replenishes the skin, it does the same for your scalp. 

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