The Ultimate 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

2021 holidays are around the corner! We at Sleek’e decided to help with your gift shopping and prepared some great ideas. 

Please note that the prices we mention are as of the date the article is published and are subject to change. 

The Mystique Set

Trying to find a perfect Christmas gift for your quirky friend is challenging. How about giving them a unique hair accessory? Here are a few ideas for all of the cosplay lovers, witches, and drama queens out there.

The Lavender Relax Set

Do you think your friend or relative needs to chill a bit? Look no further. This is a perfect holiday gift for relaxation and finding inner peace.

  • Lavender candle from Paddywax with an incredibly rich and relaxing scent. Price: $25 (lasts for a veeery long time, though). 
  • Slumber bath salts from Moonlit Skincare with soothing essential oils. Price: $19.
  • Purple sleeping mask from Moonlit Skincare made of highest-grade silk. Price: $19.
  • Lavender hair wrap made from the softest microfiber cloth. Price: $20.

The Ultimate Bath Set

This is a great Christmas or Thanksgiving present for anyone and everyone. Especially if you don’t know them really well and are afraid of choosing the wrong gift. You can never miss with some great bath and shower necessities!

The Glow Set

Looking for a perfect Christmas gift for a skincare or beauty lover? We got you! This set is based on the personal recommendations of our company founder :) She uses each product herself and can’t be happier!

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