Astrology Signs as 2021 Festival Hairstyles [Updated May 2021]

Need some hairstyle inspiration for 2021 festival season? Look to the stars! Use your zodiac sign to help you decide between disco buns and a flower crown this #festieseason.

Aries: Bright & Bold

March 21 – April 19 

Bright colorblock hair is unapologetically bold and to-the-point at all times —  just like you!

Taurus: The Desert Rose 

April 20 – May 20

Taureans are Earth signs, i.e. very grounded— however, you still enjoy the finer things in life. Your tenacious spirit is unmatched by none other than the succulent's ability to persevere and bloom in the dry desert heat. 

Gemini: The Two-Toned Twins

May 21 – June 20

Why pick one just color when you could have two? Gemini's, aka "The Twins" can never decide on just one ;)

Cancer: The Scrunchie

June 21 – July 22

You are very sensitive and sentimental, so this 90's inspired look is a nostalgic & practical style that matches your laid-back temperament. 


Leo: The *Most Extra* 

July 23 – August 22

Leos love to be the center of attention, but in all honesty, you deserve it! No what the event, you're always doing the absolute most

Example A: Everything At Once

Example B: Glitter. On Everything. Seriously Leos, don't even pretend this isn't you.

Virgo: Let's Get This Braid

August 23 – September 22

When it comes to braids, Virgos have the patience, eye for detail, and perfectionism to make sure every hair is in place — especially in this case:

Libra: Heavy Metal

September 23 – October 22

Libras, aka "The Scale" are notorious for always looking their best (and for never being able to make up their minds). Add a little extra bling and perhaps it will tip the scale in your favor ;) 

Scorpio: Half-Up Disco Horns Buns

October 23 – November 21

What can we say, this style just suits you!

Sagittarius: Tried & True

November 22 – December 21

As a Sagittarius, you're proud of who you are and you're not afraid to show it. You're most likely to find one or two styles you like and stick to them... forever :)

Capricorn: Rainbow Brite

December 22 – January 19

Capricorns are practical but optimistic — you see the world through rainbow-colored lenses so obviously your hairstyle has to match. 

Aquarius: You're Not Like Other Girls

January 20 – February 18

Aquarians are unique and different. If any Aquarius women are reading this — it's ok! We know you don't believe in Zodiac signs. Since Astrology isn't real we can't totally predict what hairstyle you'd be, but we're gonna take a wild guess anyway and say it's 100% parted down the middle with a high chance of straight-across bangs :)


Pisces: All About The Accessories  

February 19 – March 20

This isn't a festival, it's your stage

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