What's Lurking In Your Shampoo? Avoid These 2 Dangerous Ingredients in Hair Care Products

When purchasing a new product, many individuals focus on the advertised benefits. However, many consumers are unaware that just because a company claims to have “amazing” results, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's a good product.


Two major ingredients to avoid are parabens and sulfates. These ingredients are common additives which are used to help preserve the shelf life of cosmetic and personal care products while simultaneously fighting off bacteria. They are most often found in products such as deodorant, chap-stick, face wash and even shampoo and conditioner.


A long shelf-life and bacterial resistance sounds great in theory, but unfortunately parabens and sulphates can cause irreparable damage to your health. Sulphates can irritate your scalp, and even cause hair loss, not to mention ruining your expensive color treatment from the salon (yikes!).


Another horrifying discovery... parabens are linked to infertility issues. Parabens  act as xenoestrogens, meaning they mimic estrogen activity while creating hormonal imbalance! 


The best way to avoid these harsh chemicals is to always read the label! Before making a purchase, always check for “Paraben/Sulfate FREE” but also double-check the ingredients. Parabens may also be listed under different names such as, “butylparaben, methylparaben and propylparaben” so be aware when reading.


After digesting all of that alarming information, your next thought might be, "if parabens are THAT bad...then why do we constantly use these products? There has to be other alternatives?" Of course there's other alternatives, however the truth is *realistically* it's difficult to find an affordable hair care line that is both paraben/sulphate free AND affordable—until now. We know from first hand experience how difficult it is to find great hair products, which is exactly why we developed our own. Launching Summer 2019 we will be introducing our new hair care line which will not only be affordable, but completely paraben and sulfate free.  Subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop. :)



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